Creative Director

With over 10 years experience in business, Marianna is passionate to be successful and help others do the same. 

She fell in love specifically with visual marketing media when she realized that it did not feel like work for her, and instead greatly looked forward to her next projects with clients. 

Her versatility and eye for detail allows her to make magic happen with all types of ventures of any size. 

As a recent business management graduate, she holds numerous years of experience and curated expertise and is committed to helping you succeed.

You can contact her directly at:



Research Strategist

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Rika has always had an aptitude for finding solutions to problems.

She is dedicated to living out the legacy her grandparents: they invested their revenue as businesspeople into shaping infrastructure and giving back to their small community in the Philippines.

Rika is pursuing her degree in Marketing Management at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C.

She has worked as a marketing strategist, a content creator, a consultant, and a marketing manager. 

You can contact her directly at: