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Elysian Coffee Roasters is a well-established, third wave coffee roasting company founded in Vancouver, B.C. This was one of the first companies I've worked with where I experienced genuine kindness and empathy. The challenge lay in creating content that consistently portrayed their values. Read more to find out how we took this task on.



"As Vice President and CMO of Elysian Coffee Roasters, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to meet many young people in the workplace. As a leader, it’s always a pleasure to meet those who are ambitious, kind, and flourish in an environment of excellence. Rika Inocalla is one of the hardest working and optimistic people I have had the pleasure of collaborating with.

Most notably, we’ve worked together on the company’s social media. This impresses me because I require those I work with on this to deeply understand the vision and direction of Elysian as a whole. Not only this, but Rika has never missed a deadline and stands out as a collaborator I’ve worked with when delivering tough feedback.

Aside from this, her ability to assess customers and deliver the experience they specifically feel comfortable with is second to none. Her empathy for others is great and she has established herself as a problem solver and a key part of our culture here at Elysian.

I’m impressed with her energy and ability to not only balance multiple projects, but to excel and take on extra projects in both. She’s a star.

I’m more than comfortable recommending Rika as I can’t help but think it would reflect back positively for you in the future. She’s very hard working, tenacious, and most important of all, has a great heart."

- C. Rodgers, CMO of Elysian Coffee Roasters.



Creating Consistent Weekly Content.

A coffee company that believes in spreading the idea that inner self-work is important for happiness and wellbeing. They are passionate about working to cultivate leaders, every day.


How do we create content for Instagram that consistently showcases our values?

Elysian is company highly led by work ethics and their values. 

We set out to create content that aligned with the high quality of Elysian's products, work environment, and culture, yet still maintain consistency on Instagram.


Research, and relentless trial and error execution.

The next step included pure researching for a week, followed by 3 weeks of collaborating on test presentations while we learned each other's style. 

This included sitting with the CMO of this company to build a better foundational understanding of what Elysian was about.

I would perform daily behavioural research by monitoring and being aware of the interests of the current customer base.

This resulted in learning data about the company including their history, their values, and their strengths alongside learning about the interests and daily lives of their existing customer base.


12 - 18 personalized posts weekly including original photography, copy, and hashtags for social media.

Each week included a presentation with authentic cafe lifestyle photography, along with suggested copywriting with the goal of resonating with the audience, and recommended hashtags.

Below are samples of submitted work: some made the cut; some didn't, but here are some of my favourites!


"She regularly encourages the growth of her peers through encouraging conversations as a leader. Rika is diverse in her interests and abilities.

We regularly connect as colleagues on a range of topics from permission marketing to organizational structure to the need for empathy in the workplace.

Rika is unique in her ability to flex to the preferences of others and as a result has many different interests. I know she cares a great deal about her mindset and how it can affect others on the team.

Rika is a natural leader whose style is set on encouragement and cheering her peers on." 

- C. Rodgers, CMO of Elysian Coffee Roasters.